The Top 25 Free Google Chrome SEO Extensions in 2024

It is really important to be ahead of the competition in the quickly advancing field of advanced marketing. On top of that, having the suitable tools at your side can make all the difference when it comes to SEO. Google Chrome SEO extensions are strong, adaptable tools that can boost your SEO efforts and support you in rising up the ranks.

To increase your efficiency and allow you visibility into the most vital SEO information, we have made a list of the top 25 Google Chrome SEO extensions.

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What is SEO Extension?

An SEO Extension is designed to improve a website’s search engine results page (SERP) visibility and position. It frequently serves as an intermediary between web browsers and content management systems, offering capabilities for making updates to a website’s different parts, which improve its search engine ranking.

Information about backlinks, meta tags, keyword optimization, and overall website health is usually provided by these plugins. Users can analyze and improve their website’s SEO performance directly from their browser, making adjustments to content and structure to align with best practices and search engine algorithms.

When trying to boost internet exposure and generate organic traffic to your websites, organizations and individuals can greatly benefit greatly from using SEO extensions.

Why Are Google Chrome SEO Extensions So Useful ?

Site owners can promote efficiency and clarity in their daily workflows by using Google Chrome extensions. Many sources of information are involved in their SEO efforts. Moreover, there are different types that you can pull in order to increase your site’s exposure in search results.

Chrome extensions replace the areas that are missing. You can move more quickly by combining these several data points into a single, simple-to-use interface that covers the numerous pages of a website. Some Google Chrome extensions can help with the following basic SEO tasks:

  • Link review
  • Research on keywords
  • On-page optimizations

15 Best Google Chrome SEO Extensions

Take a look at these SEO-focused Chrome extensions. The Chrome Web Store offers them all for free.


It is easy to undertake a complete SERP analysis with SEOquake. It allows you to look at an endless amount of SEO criteria for every given webpage. This free SEO browser plugin quickly displays SERP, linking, page speed, and other essential SEO metrics. 

Here is a brief summary of what you can accomplish using SEOquake  free plugin:

  • Get a thorough analysis of every term that can be located on any page of the website.
  • Get a complete SERP analysis.
  • Quickly calculate the level of complexity of a keyword.
  • Monitor internal and external links.
  • Real-time domain and URL comparison.

2. Ubersuggest’s Chrome Extension

UberSuggest is one of the most popular SEO tools on the marketplace. You may get relevant keyword data for YouTube, Amazon, and Google search results, as well as Google search results, by using this free Google Chrome SEO extension.

UberSuggest is one of the most popular SEO tools on the market today. You may get relevant keyword data for YouTube, Amazon, and Google search results, as well as Google search results, by using this free SEO Chrome extension.

In-browser access to backlink statistics, social share count, domain analytics, and other tools for helping with your SEO efforts is also made possible with the UberSuggest Chrome extension. The Google Chrome SEO Extension for UberSuggest has a number of features that can improve your content marketing and SEO efforts.

3. SEO Meta in 1 Click

The greatest SEO plugin available as of recently is the SEO Meta in 1 Click Chrome extension. With over 300,000 users, it’s arguably the most well-liked free SEO Chrome extension available in the Chrome web store. For every page you visit, this free tool shows you all of the meta tags and crucial SEO indicators.

By using the SEO Meta Chrome plugin, you may quickly gain insights into important metrics and metadata, such as:

  • URL as well as the canonical
  • The meta description and title lengths
  • Headers in the HTML order that they appear (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6)
  • Robots tag
  • Robots.txt and XML sitemap
  • The number of pictures with and without alt text
  • Open graph and Twitter social data
  • Frequency of unique and internal links


MozBar users can evaluate the SEO of their browser with only one click. MozBar lets users monitor analytics and export search engine results into a CRV file, all while providing metrics when browsing any webpage.

Features like SERP metrics analysis, page optimization, and keyword difficulty analysis are available when you upgrade to MozBar Premium. With the MozBar Chrome SEO extension, you can instantly gain SEO insights about various websites or search engine result pages (SERPs) without ever exiting your browser.

What experts like: MozBar’s one-click concept makes it as easy as possible to check your SEO, which saves a ton of time for busy SEO professionals.

5.Keywords Everywhere

A tool called Keywords Everywhere displays three separate types of data for Google keywords:

  • Amount of monthly searches
  • Cost per click
  • Google Adwords competition

Because it is an in-browser extension, using Google Keywords to navigate between open browser pages is no longer necessary if you have this installed.

What Experts Like: Keyword information is presented to you directly when you want it using Keywords Everywhere. The end result using this extension is that they spend more time improving the SEO of your website and less time hopping around.

6. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is a common Google Chrome SEO extension that gives users the ability to view traffic and important metrics for any website with just one click while performing an online search. This expansion benefits people looking for effective and distinctive SEO strategies, as well as those who want to research different market trends.

What Experts Like: SimilarWeb gives you access to information on the activities and strategies of your competitors. The end result is that you learn important lessons that improve your own SEO strategies.

A part of Google Website Tools, an extension toolkit for Google integration and website development, is Google Trends. Trends uses graphs to display statistics on the most popular Google searches from different countries. You may determine public interest in subjects relating to your field of expertise by looking at trends.

What experts like: Styles come and go quite quickly. Maintaining your competitive edge in the ever-evolving SEO environment requires you to stay informed, and Google Trends makes it easier.

With only one click, the nicely titled Check My Links finds broken links on webpages. When creating web pages with numerous links, this extension saves a ton of time by ensuring that links are working properly and indicating broken links.

What experts like: Broken links are disappointing. The one-click scanning feature of Verify My Links saves you time by finding broken links manually.

9. PageSpeed Insights by Google

Under Google Webmaster Tools, PageSpeed Insights is an SEO tool that provides information on desktop and mobile websites. Following an analysis, PageSpeed Insights assigns a score to the website and offers recommendations for increasing the speed of the web pages.

What experts like: When it comes to websites, faster is better. PageSpeed identifies areas where you may optimize your page to increase its speed and search engine ranking.

10.Redirect Path

There is an SEO equivalent to Microsoft Word’s renowned red squiggly line that warns users of incorrect grammar: Redirect Path. By flagging 301, 302, 404, 500, and Meta HTTP Status Codes as well as JavaScript redirects, this extension helps to quickly identify possible problems. Other HTTP headers and server IP addresses are also shown.

What Experts Like: Users may be diverted to other websites by broken or misdirected links; Redirect Path notifies you of these problems so you can fix them right away.

11. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo has everything you need. With the help of this Google Chrome SEO Extension, you can quickly monitor shares and the most popular material on social network pages. BuzzSumo can be utilized to look at inbound backlinks to your websites to help with future search engine optimization selections.

What Experts Like: Social media is becoming an essential component of successful SEO. BuzzSumo integrates well-known social media platforms to assist your team in creating SEO methods that are more successful.

12. NinjaOutreach Lite

NinjaOutreach offers a free extension that allows deep data mining in browsers. It provides several SEO services for URLs, titles, links, meta descriptions, social media follower counts, and monetization strategies.

What Experts like: You may start data mining to determine how well your URL, title, links, and meta descriptions are fulfilling SEO objectives with NinjaOutreach Lite.

13. SEO Minion

One of the numerous tools for SEO is the SEO Minion Google extension. You can use it to look for broken links on pages, highlight outgoing links, and verify on-page SEO data.

The multiple-layer “People Also Ask” question export from the SERP is arguably its best feature. This will provide you with ideas for important long-tail queries to consider while creating fresh content.

14. Mangools SEO Extension

With the help of the Mangools Google Chrome SEO Extension, you can easily perform SEO research that contains essential on-page SEO statistics, authority and trend metrics, backlink analysis, and rank tracking.

With the option to use the tools at any moment for an in-depth examination, you will essentially receive the most important information from their well-known SEO tools package—which includes KWFinder, SERPChecker, LinkMiner, and more—directly in your browser.

The Google Chrome SEO Extension offers advanced functions that are accessible straight from the Google SERP, including localized results and shortcuts for backlink and URL profile analysis. It also offers clever context menu integrations.

15. GrowthBar

With the help of the GrowthBar Chrome extension, you are able to quickly gather important SEO statistics about any website and discover which growth channels and keywords work best for it.

From the comfort of your Google browser, you may use this tool to research any website’s top-performing keywords, keyword ranking difficulty score, domain authority, backlink data, page word count, Facebook advertisements, and more.

To get a wealth of SEO stats and insights that can help you raise your search engine rankings, all you have to do is type a search query into GrowthBar.

Basic SEO indicators like domain authority, organic traffic, and ranking difficulty score are visible in GrowthBar’s free edition, but all other data is closed.

One of the most effective techniques for boosting backlinks to your website is to create broken links. But it takes a lot of work, and without the right instruments, it could be challenging.

For this reason, you need to assist yourself in this quest by using a tool such as LinkMiner. LinkMiner collects metrics from websites and checks them for broken links. It allows you to export links from a page into a CSV file and displays social media data and backlink information for each link on the page.

17. MagicEmails

MagicEmails allows you to send cold emails that end up in prospects’ inboxes through the use of its email outreach Chrome plugin. In less than 30 seconds, MagicEmails can initiate the first mailing due to its smooth integration with Gmail.

MagicEmails’ approach permits scheduling emails in batches accurately. After sending the emails, MagicEmails monitors the email open rates in real-time and provides feedback on campaign performance. The email campaign is paused automatically by the tool when it detects email bounces to safeguard your inbox reputation.

Moreover, MagicEmails allows you to import contacts from Google Sheets, CSV files, or XLS files.

18. Serpstat

You can instantly check the SEO of your website and that of your competitors using Serpstat. A full SEO audit of a domain can be received by clicking the in-browser icon. Serpstat is divided into three sections:

  • Domain analysis
  • Page analysis
  • On-page SEO parameters.

What Experts like: Use Serpstat to quickly compare the SEO rankings of your website to those of other websites. This will show you how you compare and what has to be changed.

19. Woorank

Woorank is a site analysis tool that provides users with information about where their sites may be improved, much like PageSpeed Insights.

You can keep tabs on methods to improve different metrics with the full report that is given on social media, internet exposure, and usability.

Similar to PageSpeed but having a greater overall influence, Woorank makes recommendations for how to make a website more visible and easier to use.

What Experts like: Woorank has a longer reach than PageSpeed. It provides advice on how to improve your website’s usability and visibility, two important factors that affect total SERP ranks.


An open-source, automated tool called the Lighthouse Google Chrome SEO extension is designed to improve the performance of web applications.

Lighthouse first tests the target homepage in a number of ways before reporting the results regarding the application’s overall performance, quality, and speed. It returns results that make it easy for the user to pinpoint and correct potential problem areas.

Lighthouse identifies issues that could hurt SEO efforts by highlighting page performance matters, as search results are now influenced by page speed.

With the Link Grabber Google Chrome SEO extension, you can take links off of a webpage and see them in a separate tab. You can block links automatically from the configurable list of domains.

You can click and copy-paste these links onto a spreadsheet.

22.AMP Validator

If you use AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), the Google Chrome SEO extension AMP Validator is quite helpful.

This extension automatically notifies users whether a page passes or fails AMP validation by using the extension icon on every page.

23. SeoStack Keyword Tool

You can find long-tail keywords quickly and easily with the free Google Chrome SEO extension, SEOStack Keyword Tool.

You can generate a ton of keyword ideas from multiple search engines, including Google, Bing, YouTube, Yahoo, and more, using the tool. Additionally, you can export the keyword data to a CSV file.

24. SimilarWeb

Using the Google Chrome SEO extension on SimilarWeb, you can check the traffic, engagement rate, traffic ranking, traffic source, and keyword ranking of any website.

Wrapping Up

SEO experts and digital marketers have found Google Chrome extensions valuable resources for their work. In the always-changing domain of search engine optimization, you can acquire fresh insights, improve workflows, and accomplish outstanding outcomes by using the power of these tools. 

Try out these top 25 SEO Chrome extensions and see how much value they add to your SEO efforts by using them. So why wait? To take your website to the top of the search results, explore the world of Chrome SEO extensions right now!

1. What are Google Chrome SEO extensions, and how do they work?

SEO extensions are tools that can be added to Google Chrome to assist with various aspects of search engine optimization. You can analyze and optimize your website for better search engine rankings more easily by using tools that provide additional functionalities and insights directly within your browser.

2. What are some common features of Google Chrome SEO extensions?

SEO extensions in Google Chrome share common features such as keyword research tools, on-page optimization analysis, backlink analysis, website performance auditing, schema markup validation, and more.

3. Are Google Chrome SEO extensions free?

Many Google Chrome SEO extensions offer free versions with basic functionalities, while some may offer premium features for a subscription fee.

4. How do I install a Google Chrome SEO extension?

You can easily install a Google Chrome SEO extension. Search for the desired extension by name on the Chrome Web Store, click on it, and then click the “Add to Chrome” button.

5. Can Google Chrome SEO extensions harm my website’s SEO?

While Google Chrome SEO extensions themselves typically do not harm your website’s SEO, it’s essential to use them responsibly and avoid any black hat SEO tactics that could lead to penalties from search engines

6. How can I choose the right Google Chrome SEO extension for my needs?

Identify your specific SEO goals and requirements to begin with. You should research and test different Chrome SEO extensions to find the ones that best align with your objectives and workflow.

7. How can Google Chrome SEO extensions help with on-page optimization?

Chrome SEO extensions like SEOquake and META SEO inspector allow users to analyze on-page elements such as meta tags, headings, and image alt attributes. Insights and suggestions are given for optimizing these elements to amplify search engine visibility and user experience.

8. Do Google Chrome SEO extensions help with technical SEO tasks?

Several Chrome SEO extensions specialize in technical SEO tasks such as auditing website performance, checking for broken links, and validating schema markup.

9. Are there any privacy or security concerns with using Chrome SEO extensions?

When using most Chrome SEO extensions, be sure to install them only from trustworthy sources to ensure safety.

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